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20 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids at Home

The pandemic has caused lots of changes for sure. One thing it has changed is the amount of time parents can spend with their kids.

Many parents are working remotely from home or have a different schedule or they are waiting to be able to go back to work once things improve.

Things can get a little crazy when you are stuck this long at home.

But look at the bright-side of things. Parents have a great opportunity to spend time with their kids and make some great memories.

If you need some ideas for some fun things to share with the parents in your ministry, here are 20 you should check out.

Board games. - let the kids pick their favorite to play.

What's in the bag?

  1. Place an empty paper bag on the floor.

  2. Standing on one foot, each player must take a turn to retrieve the bag using only their mouth.

  3. Once the bag is successfully retrieved, that player tears off the piece of the bag that their mouth touched.

  4. In this way, the bag slowly gets lower and lower to the ground.

  5. Once a player’s raised foot touches the ground or one of their hands touches the ground, they are eliminated from the game.

  6. The last person remaining in the game is the winner.

Make and bake cookies together.

Knock it out.

You will need: orange (or tennis ball or an apple) and nylons. Put the orange in the nylons and put it on your head.

Challenge: try to knock over water bottles placed on the floor. Silly, but fun! So fun! Who wins? Whoever knocks off most bottles in 1 minute – WINS!

Look at old family photos together and watch home videos.

Defying gravity. You will need: balloons. Challenge: Bounce 2-3 balloons (depending on the age and abilities) at the same time with your hands without them falling on the floor.

Who wins? Time it and see who can bounce balloons the longest.

Head Bouncing with a Balloon Challenge: Bounce balloon using your head without it falling on the ground. Who wins: Time it to find out who will bounce longest before it touches the ground.

Spend some time telling jokes.

Don't smile. Have one person try to make the other people smile. Last one to smile wins.

Scavenger hunt. Hide some things inside the house and then see how long it takes the kids to find them.

Would you rather? Give players two options and see which they pick. Make it fun and a little gross.

Sticky face. Race to see who can stick the most sticky notes on their face in 1 minute.

Bubble gum race. You get to eat your way through whipped cream to find the gum! Then show your bubble gum blowing skills! No hands allowed. Supplies: Plates, gum, canned whipped cream.

Play hide and seek.

Paint and draw together.

Put together a time capsule.

Go camping in the living room or backyard.

Create a family tree together.

Make homemade ice cream together.


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