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Fresh eyes. Fresh insight. Fresh help. 

Sometimes that's what's needed to help a ministry move forward.

With over 33 years of cutting-edge ministry experience, Dale is

the team member you've been looking for. He can help you build

your ministry.

Dale has helped build and lead some of the largest ministries in

the country from the ground up and understands many of the

barriers, challenges, questions and opportunities you are facing.

His insight and help comes from proven experience and leadership.


From building volunteer teams to hiring staff to designing buildings

to creating strategies to evaluating programs and processes, Dale

can add value to your ministry. Whether you are a ministry of 300

or 30,000, he has been there and understands what it takes to

get to the next level. 

Bottom line - Dale's heart is to serve you and your local church and help you accomplish the vision God has given you. Here are some of the ways he can help you grow your ministry.

children's ministry, kidmin, church leadership


It's easy to develop blind spots in your ministry simply because of familiarity. That's why it's so beneficial to bring in someone with fresh eyes to help you identify those areas. Dale is an expert at knowing what to look for. He observes your ministry during weekend services and provides a thorough, written evaluation with practical steps you can take to improve your ministry in all areas...from the parking lot to check-in to the nursery to signage to classrooms to safety & security and everything in between.

children's ministry



Includes everything above PLUS..

  • On-site personal coaching session for your children's ministry director

  • On-site staff training session

  • On-site volunteer training event

children's ministry
children's ministry



Got a ministry question you'd like advice about? Wondering how to remove a barrier that's standing in

the way of growth? Need ideas for reaching more kids and families? Want to bounce some things off

of someone outside your four walls? Staffing or structure questions? Navigating a "sticky" situation with a family? Need some fresh ideas for enlisting more volunteers? Help is just a phone/video call away. It's like having another experienced part-time staff member on your team.

children's ministry



Do you have a person you're considering hiring for a staff role? Want to make sure they have what it takes to lead in your children's ministry? Dale knows the right questions to ask and what to look for. He has hired and led dozens of children's ministry staff. In his most recent ministry, he had over 70 staff members on his team. He can interview your candidate over the phone / video call and provide you with a detailed, through report to help you determine if the person is the right fit. 

children's ministry



Thinking about going multi-site? Already multi-site but preparing to add more campuses? Looking for ways to improve your current campuses? Multi-site a great way to reach more kids and families, but it makes ministry complicated. And every time you add another campus it completely changes things. It takes a clear strategy and plan to make it work successfully. Dale has over 18 years experience leading multi-site ministries. He helped Christ Fellowship expand from 3 campuses to 9. He can set you up for multi-site success. Click here for more information.  

children's ministry


Preparing to build a new children's building? Remodeling? Trying to determine how sq. footage is needed? What you should include and not include? Dale has helped design and lead multiple children's buildings from the ground up and knows the in's and outs. He has lead projects that involved thousands of dollars to projects that involved millions of dollars. He can help you maximize your space and budget. He can help you design creative spaces that will have kids dragging their parents to church. Click here for more information. 

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