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Why Preschoolers Love Paw Patrol

What were some of your television shows when you were a preschooler? Some of mine were The Flintstones, Gilligan's Island, Hercules, Superman, Batman, Captain Kangaroo and of course, the Looney Toons.

Ask today's preschoolers what some of their favorite shows are and you're likely to hear Paw Patrol. I can confirm this in my family. My nephew was all about the Paw Patrol when he was a preschooler. In addition to watching the show, he also had Paw Patrol bed sheets, cars, stuffed animals, toys and games.

The television show started in 2013 and is still going strong today. It is geared for preschoolers and most kids become interested in the show around the age of 3. And a new Paw Patrol movie was released in theaters a few days ago.

So why is Paw Patrol so popular with preschoolers? What can we learn from this television show, movie and product line that will help us better engage with the preschoolers in our ministries?

Paw Patrol is obviously about dogs and preschoolers love dogs. There is something about puppies that attracts preschoolers.

Note for ministry: Kids love animals. Maybe that is why they enjoy hearing the story of Noah's ark and other Bible lessons that involve animals. Be sure to give kids a look at the animals in the Bible. I have an entire teaching series for elementary kids that is based on animals. Check it out at this link.

Preschoolers also like the fun rhymes and songs in the show. Parents say their kids are constantly repeating the rhymes like "Rubble on the double" and "Chase is on the case."

Note for ministry. Make sure your key truth each week rhymes. It has been proven that kids learn and retain truths better when they rhyme. My Connect12 curriculum rhymes the key truth each month. Here are some examples.

"The Bible is true...I can trust it through and through."

"This is my story...worshiping God and declaring His glory."

"I will go and share...my faith everywhere."

When you have kids rhyme the key truth, it will move into their long-term memory.

Preschoolers see the dogs as superheroes. In the show, they save the day and help people. Kids love superheroes and the Paw Patrol characters take them on heroic adventures. Kids also imagine themselves being a superhero one day.