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Training Your Team During Covid-19

As we continue to navigate through Covid-19 many of our activities have been put on hold.  

But there's one thing that we can't afford to put on hold and that is training for our volunteers and staff.  

It's crucial to keep investing in our team members so they can continue to grow, learn and be inspired...especially during this pandemic.

Many children's ministries have faced the reality that some of their volunteers will not come back due to fear of being exposed to the virus.  And we get that.


But with fresh training and inspiration, you may be able to keep that from happening and can see your team excited about the ministry.


It can be costly to bring a guest speaker / trainer in or to attend a conference.  Especially when your ministry budget may have been cut back. 

But here's the good news. You can have a live, online training for a fraction of the cost.   

I do live online training for churches and ministries.  Here's what you get for your team:

  • Customized training to meet the current needs of your team.  Training can be specifically for your staff or key volunteers.  Or training can be for everyone your team.

  • You pick the day and time.

  • Live online training time.  (30-40 minutes of teaching and 15 minutes of Q & A)

  • Video copy of your training session so you can share with those who could not attend.

  • Handouts for the training so people can follow along and take notes

Churches and ministries across the states and internationally are using this for their teams.


A fresh infusion of passion, energy and vision may be just what the doctor ordered for your ministry.  Dale shares about all of these and can help you get your team fired up about fulfilling your children's ministry's mission.


Sometimes it just takes hearing it from someone else to reinforce what you've been saying.  One of Dale's goals is to help you get fresh energy for your team and your mission.


Having helped build and lead some of the largest children's ministries in the country, Dale has over 31 years of experience.  He has served in churches of 20 to churches of 28,000.  At his last church, he helped the volunteer team grow from 300 to 2600 in 8 years. He understands your situation and can help you navigate for future growth.

Your ministry will only be as strong as the team you build to lead the ministry.  I can help you build up your team.


Contact me.  Let's talk. 


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