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Lonely Kids

Did you know that there are lots of lonely kids? One example - kids often refer to school as lonely and boring.

School can be isolating for many kids. Research shows that 80% of children face loneliness at times in school.

Being bullied (in person or online) is a big factor that can cause a child to pull away from others.

But if kids have a best friend they will enjoy school and pretty much any activity much more.

And then of course, for the last couple of years, kids have had to deal with another huge cause of loneliness - the pandemic. A survey found by Common Sense Media found that 42% of students feel more lonely than usual compared to pre-covid times.

This is not just limited to school and other social situations. It can also be felt in the church world. Many kids do not want to attend church regularly because they don't have any friends in the children's areas. This can sometimes be seen when a parent is trying to drop their child off for kids' services, but the child clings to their parent because they don't have friends there.

How can you help kids not feel lonely at your church or ministry? Here are some proven ways that can help kids build solid relationships with other kids at church - which will result in them attending more often and engaging in the Bible lesson.

Small groups. For part of your classtime, break down your class to groups of 6 to 8 kids. This is an ideal number to help kids build relationships.

Circles instead of rows. It's harder to make friends if you are stuck in a row of chairs. You only have 2 options - the two people you are seated between. And if you turn around and try to talk with the child behind you or in front of you, it will disturb the class. But a circle allows you to see everyone face to face and interact with them.

Known by name. Every child wants to be known by name. They want to know that someone cares enough to get to know them personally. They want to know that their leader knows their name. They need to be prayed for by name. When a child is known and called by their name, it helps take away the lonely factor.