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Kids...the Decision Makers

Did you know that parents are more likely to subscribe to a streaming service if it offers content for their children?

A recent study about Gen Z and Gen Alpha's role in subscribing to streaming services shows this to be true.

The study revealed that 56% of kids and teens influence their parents to subscribe to streaming apps that have content they like.

66% of parents also say the most important factor in choosing a streaming TV app is what it has to offer for their kids. What their children want to watch even trumps making a decision based on cost.

43% of the parents of Gen Alpha kids are twice as likely to unsubscribe from an app if it doesn’t meet their children’s content needs


This should be a reminder for us again about the influence children have when making family decisions.

This is true in your ministry as well. When it comes to choosing a church, the majority of families will make their decision based on their children's experience in the church. Children play a huge role in a family attending a church or not.

Dad and mom may like the adult service, but if their children don't enjoy the children's services and programs, they will look for another church.

Here's what we must keep in mind.

Children's ministry can be a major growth engine for a church.

This means that churches that want to grow should make children's ministry a top priority.

The biggest budget item should be children's ministry.

The most promoted ministry should be children's ministry.

The best volunteers should serve in children's ministry.

The children's ministry facility / space should be the best area of the church


Children's ministry should constantly be promoted.

This week, there will be lots of families who will drive past nice restaurants to get to McDonald's and Chik-fil-a. Why? Because that's where their kids want to go.

The same applies to your church.

My prayer is that your church will become known in your town as the place for kids and families. When this happens, be prepared to grow.


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