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Do You Have a Cause?

I was thinking about David this week. Here's this young kid, taking care of the family sheep herds. The last person you would think about sending to battle against a huge man named Goliath.

The reason David was willing to go to battle against Goliath was one simple thing: HE HAD A CAUSE.

Look what he says in I Samuel 17:29.

"David said, "What have I now done? Is there not a cause?"

David had a cause. He wanted to silence the mouths of those who constantly ridiculed his heavenly Father. He wanted to bring honor and glory to God.

His cause was greater than his fear. He appears to be fear free, but I can promise you that he was nervous.

You know the rush that comes when a football team runs onto the field at game time? That's probably the feeling he had as he walked toward the battle field. If your cause is not big enough to make your knees shake, then you need to get a bigger cause.

Your cause may seem unattainable. It may seem overwhelming at times. It may leave you thinking,

"Why did I start doing this?"

"I feel overwhelmed. It's too big a task for me."

"There's no way I can meet that goal?"

All of these doubts and fears can be overcome when you have Jesus guiding you. He will work through you to accomplish the cause if you invite Him to help.

Especially when your cause lines up His cause. What is His biggest cause? It tells us in Luke 19:10.

"The Son of man came to see and save that which was lost."

When your cause becomes reaching people far from God, you can be sure that this is Jesus' cause as well.

"As ministers, we shouldn’t talk because we have to say something but because we have something to say."

Remember to praise God for what He has done in the past. David reminded them that God had helped him kill a lion and a bear while watching over the sheep. God had been faithful and the same God would be with Him that day.

If you want to live in victory, you too must have a divine cause. You must discover God's high purpose for your life and pursue it with a fervency of heart that inspires you to value the things of God even more than your own self-interest.

Do you have a cause?

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