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Welcome Generation Alpha

Would you join me in welcoming Generation Alpha? The Alpha Generation involves kids that were born in 2010 or later. 2010 is the year...

  • iPads were launched

  • Instagram was created

  • "App" was the word of the year

The person who coined the name "Alpha" Generation title is Mark McCrindle. Mark is a social researcher in Australia. Here are some interesting findings about this new generation. They will have more formal education than any other generation before them. Their parents are the Millennials. For more info. about Millennial parents, check this out. They are the first generation to be shaped in an era of portable digital devices. Their toys have been smartphones and iPads. Gen Alpha kids are a digital generation. Screens are placed in front of them before they can even walk. This is causing many of them to miss specific skills outside of the digital world. We must help them develop resilience and resourcefulness. Because of technology and so many avenues to connect, the Alpha Generation is more connected and shaped by their peers. They can be connected 24/7 across many platforms. Alpha kids around the world are influenced by many of the same movies, music and trends. They have no technology boundaries and so they contribute through blogs and online friendships. While Gen Alpha will be amazing with technology, they will not fair as well with critical thinking skills. Gen Alpha will switch jobs every three years. This means they will have 18 different jobs over the course of their life. Many of the jobs don't currently exist, but will come into existence as robotics, coding, social media marketing, app development and data analytics expand. Gen Alpha is visual. They would rather watch a video about a topic instead of reading about it. Messaging must be image based. Rather than using words or phrases, use pictures. Gen Alpha learns best through visual, multi-model and hands on methods. Successful teachers and educators will use the methods to communicate with them. Gen Alpha will be extremely educated. 50% will obtain an university degree. Millennial volunteers have been raised in a digital world as well, so they will be able to relate to the children. Alpha will face some challenges related to social media such as technology addiction, cyper bullying and vial content when online. As we learn more about this brand new generation, we must ask God for wisdom about how to reach and disciple them, so they can be lifetime followers of Jesus. With God's help, we can walk in confidence as ministry leaders, knowing that God is with us and will give us the insight we need to lead this new generation.

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