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Airlines Starting to Cater to Kids...Smart Move

Airlines are starting to provide special perks for kids on their flights. The purpose is to make the flight more enjoyable for kids, their parents and other people who want to fly in a calm and peaceful environment.

The "kid kits" airlines are giving out include things like socks, luggage tags, activities, puzzles, small story books, coloring books and crayons, an origami and more.

Why are airlines doing this?

Happy kids = Happy Parents. Why are airlines turning their attention to children? This quote summarizes it all.

"If children are happy, then parents are happy, and they associate the airline with a positive flying experience and are more likely to choose it for future trips.

Some airlines are also offering kids' meals for children. Kids love kids' meals. Especially if it comes with a toy."

This is a great example of parents picking an airline based on the preference of their children. Which leads to the next point.

Kids are a big influence on their parents' choices. Many parents will now be making their flight choices based on what airlines offer their children.