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10 Items You Need in Your Children's Ministry Tool Box

If you want to get things done, you need the right tools. I recently bought a used car from someone on Facebook. We met in a store parking lot to make the exchange. I love the car and got it at a great price. A few weeks after I bought the car, the passenger-side rear wheel went flat. I took it in for a new tire, but ran into a roadblock. The tire had one lug bolt that required a special tool to remove it. The problem? We didn't have the tool. I had forgotten to ask the previous owner if there were any special lug bolts that were needed to get the tires off. Normally, people leave the special lug tool in the glove box and so I checked there - no tool. I checked the trunk - no tool. I looked in every nook and cranny of the car for the special tool, but no such luck. What should have been a simple job, became very hard because we didn't have the right tool. Finally, after taking the car to three different places, I found a mechanic that had a tool to get the tire off. The job was not too difficult. In fact it would have been a quick, easy fix, if we had just had the right tool in hand from the get go. It's the same with ministry. There are some tools that you need if you want to see success. These are all simple, practical tools that can make your work more productive and efficient. Let's look at 10 tools that you need in your ministry toolbox. Tool #1 - Good music. Kids love to sing and move...if you have the right music. By right music. I mean fun, cheerful songs for preschoolers and cool, relevant music for elementary and pre-teen. Here are some with links to check out. Yancy Hillsong Kids Ultimate Kids' Worship Tool #2 - Books. One of the best things you can do to with your key staff and volunteers is read a book together. Here are a few that I highly recommend. Read these and then block out time to discuss what you read. If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry The Secret to Building Great Volunteer Teams Turbo Charge Your Children's Ministry Tool #3 - Curriculum. In a day of Biblical illiteracy, it is critical that ministries have a solid curriculum that will empower kids to know why they believe what they believe and that gives them a solid, Biblical world view. The curriculum should be hands on, interactive and engaging.

You get all of this in the "Connect12" curriculum. The curriculum takes kids from salvation all the way to spiritual leadership. The Connect 12 curriculum is a proven strategy that has been used to disciple thousands of kids. 12 months of curriculum plus bonus lessons for Christmas and Easter. You can see more about it at this link including lesson samples and video. Tool #4 - A class for kids and parents who want to make a faith commitment. Starting Point is a one session class that has been used to reach thousands of kid and parents. It's a class that parents and their children attend together. The plan of salvation is presented in a captivating way. See samples at this link. Tool #5 - Parent and Child dedication. This is one of the biggest opportunities you have to impact parents. Use the parent and child dedication class to help parents understand what it takes to raise your child to live for Jesus. You can see a sample at this link. Tool #6 - Transition into middle school. It's a big deal when a child is transitioning into middle school. It's important to have a tool to help kids and parents make the transition well. This tool will help you do just that. You can see info. at this link. Tool #7 - Preschool parking. Designate some great parking spots for preschool families. It's not an easy task to get a preschooler up and ready for church. If you want to reach young families, provide this special parking for them. Tool #8 - Puppets. Younger kids love puppets. You can use them to sing-along during worship, present a skit and co-host a service. The best puppets I have found are made by Axtell. Tool #9 - Themed environment. Decorating your children's ministry space is a great tool to bring in new families. You can get info. from Wacky World Studios. Tool #10 -Mentor. Don't try to do children's ministry alone. Get some people on your team who can challenge you, stretch you and help you grow. As you grow personally, you will see the ministry grow. I have a coaching program that can do just that. More info. is available at this link. Your turn. What are some other things that should be in a children's ministry tool box? Share your thoughts and insight in the comment section below.

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