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Too Busy to Play? What Parents Are Missing Out On

To say today's families are busy, would be an understatement. Parents are working longer hours and their children are involved in sports, music lessons and a host of other extra curricular activities. Between very crowded calendars and today's pace of life, families have very little margin to just hang out and play with their children.

Bottom line - playtime for kids and their parents is getting squeezed out.

This is important to know because there is a strong link between families playing together and their happiness. In a study conducted by Edelman Intelligence, it was revealed that 88% of families who play together for five or more hours a week are happier than those who don't. But nearly 30% actually spend less than that on play.

Kids want to have more free time so they can play with their parents. 81% of children who were surveyed said they want their parents to play more with them.

Parents are in agreement with the benefits of playing with their children.

95% believe play is essential for their child's well-being.

82% think that children who play more will be more successful in future studies and work.

83% of children agree that they learn better when play is involved.