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Where to Put Your Best Volunteers

You probably have many different places where volunteers can serve.



Small group leader

Worship leader


Summer Camp

Mid-week programming

Kids' Choir

...just to name a few.


Out of all of those opportunities you have to decide where to place your best volunteers. 


The volunteers who show up on time. 


The volunteers who are naturally people persons. 

The volunteers who seem to always be smiling. 

The volunteers who are outgoing and can make friends quickly. 

The volunteers who are welcoming.

The volunteers who know how to make people feel loved and accepted. 

Write down their names. 


Then be strategic in moving them into a specific role. (of course, you will need to adjust some people who are serving in other areas).  But make it your goal to fill a certain serving area with these people. 

What part of your ministry should you be focusing on and making sure your very best volunteers are in that area?  

Here it is.  Where should you put your best volunteers?  

I believe the answer is GUEST SERVICES.

Here are some reasons why.

The first impression truly is a lasting impression.   

Did you know that guests decide in the first 8 minutes if they are going to return or not?  You've only got one opportunity to make a first impression.  Make it count.  Put your best volunteers in these rolls.  Be very picky about who you are going to place in those roles. 

They should be what I listed above.

Start with training the people who are on the front lines with guests.  Then continue expanding the training to the other people on your team.  

More than likely you have people on your guest services team who are not in their sweet spot. 

Move them to other roles and recruit people who know how to love people and engage them in conversation with empathy and compassion.  People who know how to make new families feel comfortable and that can quickly win them over.

This is where I strive to put my best volunteers.


As you put your best volunteers in guest services, you are setting up your ministry for success as new families enjoy their first welcoming experience at your church.

You can get lots of more tips like this in my new book - Be Our Church Guest.  Click here to order.


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