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Be Our Church Guest...Pursuing Excellence in Church Guest Services

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This weekend a new family will walk in the doors of your church. Perhaps they will be a young couple who has a toddler and they want their child to have a spiritual foundation.

Perhaps it will be a retired man who just moved into your area.

Perhaps it will be a recently divorced, single mom who is looking for stability for her children.

Perhaps it will be a teen who was brought by a friend.

Perhaps it will be grandparents who are raising their grandchild and want her to hear about Jesus.

Perhaps it will be a family who is looking for a church.

Perhaps it will be a man who has been thinking about going to a church and today he is taking a brave step to walk in the doors.

Whatever the situation, one thing is for sure. They will make their decision to return or not based on the guest experience you give them.

Do you want to see guest families return? The biggest factor in guests returning is how you treat them on their first visit. The first impression truly is a lasting impression. Remember this - you only get one opportunity to make a great first impression.

A great first impression doesn’t happen by chance, it is the result of a carefully thought out and planned strategy. This book will give you the tools you need to create excellent experiences for your guests.

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