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New Resources for Your Children's Ministry from Dale Hudson

Happy new year! 

As we look at 2024 and make plans for this new year, it's a great time to implement some new resources and programs.

Here are some great new resources that can help you and your ministry get to the next level this year.

"Be Our Church Guest" book.

Do you want to see guest families return?  The biggest factor in guests returning is how you treat them on their first visit. The first impression truly is a lasting impression. Remember this - you only get one opportunity to make a great first impression.

A great first impression doesn’t happen by chance, it is the result of a carefully thought out and planned strategy. This book will give you the tools you need to create excellent experiences for your guests.

You can order it here.  If you would like to order 10 or more books, you can email me for a discount price.


"A Great Start...helping kids get off to a great start following Jesus"

This is a discipleship workbook that helps kids get off to a great start in following Jesus. It teaches kids 31 key doctrines and Biblical insights on a child's level. 

Only $9.99 gets you the files you can use to print off as many copies as you would like. It also comes with a version that teachers and parents can use to help guide kids through the workbook. 

This discipleship tool will be released in a few weeks. Stay tuned for ordering instructions coming soon. Topics covered are...

1. God

2. Jesus

3. Holy Spirit

4. Trinity

5. Creation

6. Salvation

7. Baptism

8. Forever Love

9. Bible

10. Communion

11 .Prayer

12. The Church

13. Purpose

14. Sin and Forgiveness

15. Worship

16. Angels

17. 10 Commandments

18. Obedience

19. Faith

20. The Quiet Time

21. Giving

22. Wisdom

23. Faithfulness

24. Beating Temptation

25. Forgiving Others

26. The Apostle Paul

27. Fruit of the Spirit

28. Sharing Your Faith

29. Heaven

30. God’s Promises

31. What to Do When You Sin



The Book Bundle

Get 6 of Dale's best-selling books for only $70. These books will help you and your ministry get to the next level. This is a savings of $17. 


Upcoming Events

Children's Pastor's Conference

January 9-11

Orlando, Florida


March 9

Children & Family Ministry Conference

Saskatoon, Canada


April 2-4

D6 Conference

Orlando, Florida

Would you like Dale to speak at your event? 


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