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10 Keys to a Successful Pre-Service Volunteer Huddle

It's important to meet with your team before a service or event starts. But most ministries that I know struggle with getting volunteers to show up for a huddle.

But I've got good news for you. You can see your pre-service huddle well attended and helpful for everyone who attends.

Here are 10 keys to a successful pre-service huddle with your volunteers.

1. The right timing.

When you have your huddle is important for it to succeed. Here is what I suggest. This is an example of a service start time of 10:00 am.

9:35 - 9:45 am - Meet for huddle.

9:45 am - Open to receive kids.

2. Breakfast.

Have some light breakfast items available. Donuts, fruit, pastries, coffee, juice, etc. Remember, you are trying to have them arrive early. Not having to cook breakfast will make it easier for volunteers to come.

3. A joke or funny story.

Get started with some humor to lighten the mood and bring some smiles. You can tell the joke or have a volunteer tell a joke or funny story.

4. Need-to-knows. Go over any important news that they need to know for the day. Last minute changes. Events happening in the overall church such as baptism, baby dedication, etc.

5. Honor one of the volunteers.

Pick one volunteer to honor each week. Share where they serve and how they are making an impact.

6. Share a short devotion or training.