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10 Big Reasons Why Kids Need to Come Back to In Person Church

While many families have returned to church during and following Covid-19, there are many, many who have not.

Covid-19 has caused significant changes in families' church attendance patterns. Many churches have seen their attendance drop by 60%.

96% of churches have turned to online services during the pandemic. Online attendance has tripled. 6 out of 10 people started attending remotely.

And for the first time, a large number of churches started offering online services for children.

Fast forward to today. Many churches are seeing people slowly return to in person services. Personally, I believe it is critical for children to return to in person worship.

Here are 10 reasons why.

#1 - The Bible tells us to gather in person. The Bible is very clear about this. Hebrews 10:25 says...

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.

Church is not optional for believers. We are encouraged to be consistent in our attendance. As children grow up, we must help them understand and be committed to being part of a local church. The local church is the vehicle God has given us to grow and together impact the world with the Gospel.

#2 - Children need to be connected to caring leaders who they see in person. Yes. Parents are the most significant influence in their child's spiritual life. But God will also send another person of faith into their life to help them grow and mature as believers. And that person is usually found at church. A pastor. A small group leader. A teacher. A mentor.

#3 - Children need to be taught the Word of God so they can grow in their faith. Yes. Children should be taught God's Word by their parents during the week, but we can't let that discount the fact that children learn and grow in their faith by being at church as well.

#4 - Children need to develop solid friendships with other children who are believers. Children become like the people they spend time with. At church, they can find friends that are walking in the same direction. At church, they can be around other children who desire to serve God. At church, they can establish lifelong friendships with children who also love God.

#5 - Children need a parental and church partnership. It takes both home and church working together to see children follow Jesus for a lifetime. Children who get Biblical instruction at home, but do not attend church, are being shortchanged spiritually. And children who get Biblical instruction at church, but not at home, are also being shortchanged spiritually.

#6 - Children need to be part of corporate worship. There is something special about worshiping God with other believers. Children need to be a part of that dynamic environment.

#7 - In person church helps spiritual growth and discipleship become a priority. How can families show that God is a priority in their life? Attend church. How can parents model for their children that God wants to be in first place of their life? Attend church. How can children be exposed to God's Word each weekend? Attend church.

#8 - In person church helps kids learn to be generous. They can bring their offering to church. They can give toward missions. They can help others in need. They can give of their time, treasure and talents.

#9 - In person church helps kids learn how to defend their faith. Like never before, we must help kids know why we believe what we believe. At church they can be taught apologetics. At church, they can get the answers to the hard questions. At church, they can learn the doctrines of the faith.

#10 - Children can be prayed for and pray for others when they are in person. It impacts children when they hear their name called out in prayer. It builds kids' faith when they join others in prayer.

#Bonus answer - Children can serve others. We know that kids who are involved in serving have a better chance to follow Jesus for a lifetime. In person church provides children with many opportunities to serve others.

There are just a few of the many reasons why children need to be at church in person. Encourage the families in your ministry who have not returned yet. Help them see the importance of being in church.

Praise God for online ministry. It reaches millions of people around the world.

But...there is nothing like being at church in person.


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