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Working at Home...Your Most Important Job

Many parents are working from home these days due to the virus.  This means they are able to interact with their kids more often during the day.  

When it comes to jobs and careers, this has been a great reminder that as parents, our most important job is at home. It's investing in our children and helping them grow up to serve Jesus for their lifetime.

We can be wildly successful in our "career," but fail in the most important job we have - raising our kids to love Jesus. 

Your greatest legacy will not be based on what you leave for your kids.  Rather it is what you leave in your kids. 

You have been given a great opportunity to spend more time investing in your children and grandchildren and building a deeper relationship with them.  Don't miss it! You only get one chance to do this thing called parenting. 


A 100 years from now it won't matter what kind of car you drove, how many sq. ft. your house was or what was in your bank account.  What will matter is the time you spent working at your most important job...your relationships with your family.


I know it can be crazy at times when you have kids and a spouse that are with you now at work.


"He looked at me, mom!"

"I'm hungry."

"Can I watch a movie?"

"She won't share with me!"

"Tell him to get out of my room!"

"She's being mean to me!"

"I don't want to watch Netflix.  I want to watch Disney+.  Make him change the channel!"

Sound familiar?

Patience, God.  Give us patience as parents while we work from home.

Here are some tips on working at home with your kids:

Create a schedule.

Be flexible with your work hours. This may mean working early in the morning before the kids get up or working after they go to bed.

Plan work breaks just like you would at the office.  Use those breaks to connect with your family.

Set clear boundaries.  Have a designated work space.  Ask the family to give you as much privacy as they can when you are in this space.

And during this time of working from home...don't miss the opportunity you have to fulfill your most important job.  


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