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Why We Should Be Praying for Our Schools

This past weekend, our church did a prayer walk at some local elementary schools.

More than ever, schools need our prayers. It is so important to pray for our schools. We are in a fierce battle for the next generation. The enemy is targeting children younger and younger. The biggest spiritual battles are being fought in our preschool and elementary schools.

The enemy is waging an all-out war to indoctrinate children with a secular worldview that is in direct conflict with a Biblical worldview. A recent report from Barna says that only 4% of students have a Biblical worldview.

One of the most important things Christians can do is to pray.

No spiritual battles are won without prayer. Prayer makes the difference. Nothing of eternal value happens without it.

How can we pray for our schools? Here are some of the things we prayed for our local schools this past weekend.

We started out by having prayer with the school's vice principal. We encouraged her and listened as she shared the many needs of the school. If we are going to see a work of God in our schools, then school administration must be part of it.