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Why Online Church for Kids Can't Effectively Replace In Person Church

During this pandemic, many churches have done amazing things online as they have tried to keep kids and families engaged.

And many of the churches I talk with are planning on continuing to offer online services for kids even after the pandemic has ran its course.

But I'm just not sure that it will be effective.

Why? A big reason is because the loss of normal socialization can have a lasting effect on young minds and bodies. Experts are calling it "social malnutrition."

Covid-19 is starving many children from the activities and social interaction they need to develop into healthy adults.

Doctors are encouraging parents to spend more time reading with their kids, taking them outside to enjoy nature and keeping their bodies moving.

Kids need to worship with other kids. Kids need to interact with other kids who are in their small group. Kids need a caring volunteer who will look them in the eyes and talk with them about how their week went.

Kids need to be able to play games with other kids. Kids need to be able to ride home with their parents and share about what they learned and experienced. I don't believe online for kids can effectively accomplish this like in person can.

Are you still doing online services for kids?

How effective have you found online services to be compared to in person services?

Are parents starting to bring their kids back for in person services?

What are your plans moving forward?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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