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Why I Use Over 100 Images for Kids' Lessons

I was talking about curriculum the other day with another children's ministry leader. The curriculum they are currently using only comes with 5-10 visual images. When I told him that my curriculum uses over 100 images per lesson, he seemed surprised. Keep this in mind - while most of my lessons use 100+ images per lesson, there are some that only use 60-75 images. But compared to 5-6 images per lesson, that is still a ton of images. Why so many visual images? There are several reasons. Let's talk about a few of them.

Images are proven to help increase learning retention. According to Dr. Haig Kouyoumdjian, Ph.D., “the effective use of visuals can decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention. Long story short – visuals help kids hold onto the lessons you teach them."

Images make it easier to follow along with a story. For kids, understanding a page of text or a long-winded speech can be a difficult task without visuals to help them along. The use of images and illustrations in lessons adds context and makes it easier for kids to follow along and interpret the context of the lesson.

This statement is true with today's kids.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Research proves that today's kids learn through taste (3%), smell (3%), touch (6%), hearing (