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What About The Families Who Didn't Return to Church After Covid?

As I interact with churches across the country, I normally ask them this question.

"Have you had any families that walked away from church during covid and have not come back?"

The answer is always "yes." And I'm sure your answer would be "yes" as well.

Only a small percentage of churches have returned to pre-covid attendance. Pastors are concerned about the long-term impact it may have on their congregations.

Barna research says that one in three practicing Christians dropped out of church during the beginning of Covid. Church membership has dropped below 50% and the percentage of people who attend church reflects this. Church attendance is down by 7%.

I'm not trying to be negative. But we must face reality. Very few churches are growing at this point and most are experiencing a decline. The average church is only 85% of their pre-covid attendance.