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Train Talk

I spent time this past Sunday talking about trains. Why trains? Because there is a child in our children's ministry that loves trains.

He is getting another train set for Christmas and he is so excited.

One of the most impactful things I can do for him is to talk about trains.


Because when I talk about trains with him, it shows him that I care about him and his world.

Here's the deal. Discipleship happens through relationship. And one of the best ways to build a relationship with a child is to enter their world and talk about what they like. For this kid...it's all about trains.

Let me ask you question. Do you know what the kids in your ministry like? What their hobbies are? What movies they like? What cartoon character is their favorite? What their favorite flavor of ice cream is? What sports they play? When is their birthday? What is their favorite subject at school?

Kids could care less that you are the "children's pastor" or "small group leader" or "teacher." What they want to know is that you care about them.

It's time we move past letting kids walk in and out of our services unnoticed. It's time we are intentional about making sure every child is personally known and cared for.

You can't do this by yourself. You can only know and connect with so many kids individually. This is where small group leaders or Sunday school teachers must step in and be the difference makers. Help them see that their role is first and foremost to connect with kids and make sure they hear their name spoken. That they are personally prayed for. That they are missed when they are not there.

What will you talk about with the kids next time you serve? Trains? Comic books? Dolls? Video game systems? Movies? Sports?

One of the best times to talk with kids is pre-service. Instead of sitting back and looking at your phone, get in the middle of the kids and talk with them one at a time.

One way you can be intentional about this is to write in some ice breakers into your curriculum. Ice breakers can help kids open up and talk. My

Connect 12 curriculum has ice breakers written into every lesson. You can get more info. at this link.

Enter kids' world in your conversations and you will see kids begin to listen to you and trust you when it's lesson time.

When I am not traveling on weekends, I volunteer in the children's ministry at my church. Last week, one of the kid's mothers told me something that brought tears to my eyes. Her girl came home and said "I liked the service today. You can tell Mr. Dale really cares about kids."

Talking about trains and other things with kids makes a difference.


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