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There is Nothing Like In-Person

I am thankful for technology that is enabling us to share the Gospel with the entire world through the www.

During this pandemic, many children's ministries have taken their message online to continue reaching and teaching kids.

Some have been somewhat successful while others have not attracted very many viewers.

We are also seeing hybrid models where children's ministries are offering both online and in-person services.

All things considered, I believe there is nothing like in-person ministry.

In-person ministry where each child hears their name spoken.

In-person ministry where children are prayed for.

In-person ministry that enables children to interact and learn from each other.

In-person ministry where the presence of God fills the room.

In-person ministry where children can feel the energy and excitement of being together in one room.

In-person ministry that helps kids build stronger relationships.

In-person meetings are more productive. Did you know that on average, an in-person meeting will generate about 13.36 ideas, whereas a virtual meeting will only generate around 10.43?

In-person ministry allows volunteers to make direct eye contact with children.

I believe it is easier to show children that you care with in-person meetings because they can better see your facial expressions. Plus they can better feel your compassion and heartbeat for helping them grow up to love Jesus.

In-person ministry better helps you build credibility and trustworthiness with children.

In-person communication and services are needed because the more important a meeting is the more effective communication you need. We have the most critical, life-changing message in the world. The message that Jesus was crucified, died and rose again so we could be forgiven. The higher the stakes and the more critical the conversation, the more you need close proximity to communicate effectively.

Online meetings and services are here to stay. And let's be honest. They are easier and more convention to have at times. But I believe that as the Covid19 situation continues to improve, we should opt for in-person as much as possible.

Your turn. What are your thoughts about in-person services vs. online services? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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