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The Values of Gen Alpha

Let's start out by defining values. Values are the principles that a generation of people hold dear and that guides their actions and decisions.

Values are a way of life built by the people and adopted by a generation as their own. They are the principles that guide individuals or groups in their dealings with others and serve as the foundation of their morals.

So what does this mean for Gen Alpha?

They are born between 2010 and up to the year 2024. They are the children of Millennials and Gen Zers. The oldest are 13-years-old.

They are the children whom you are trying to reach. It's important to know what they are about.

Let's take a look at their values and generational characteristics.

They are critical thinkers who are not afraid to challenge traditional values.

Gen Alpha is very connected through technology. They constantly connect with each other online and offline. Constant communication is the norm.

Alpha kids are tech-savvy digital natives who will create and master new technologies. They will soon leave their millennial and Gen Z parents behind when it comes to knowledge about technology.

They are interested in social justice issues. They will strive to improve the world.

Gen Alpha is poised to make a huge impact on the world in the years to come. They will create new technologies and working models.