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The Power of Recognizing People

The people you work with want to be recognized for their contributions.

The volunteers on your team want to know that they are making a difference.

They probably won't come out and ask for it, but everyone wants to be recognized.

When you recognize people it helps them feel appreciated and motivated.

When you take the lead on this, you can help create a culture of appreciation and gratitude.

Here are some examples of how you can recognize the people you do ministry with.

Say "thank you." It sounds simple, but what an impact it has. Take time each week to walk around and say "thank you for serving and making a difference" to the people you serve with.

Write a personal appreciation note and put a gift card with it to Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, etc.

Bring some sweets for everyone. Maybe it's someone's favorite kind of cookie. Maybe it's donuts. Maybe it's ice cream. Take some time to enjoy these together as a team.

Invite some of your volunteers over for dinner at your house.

Have the kids write personal thank you notes for their leaders.

Take a volunteer out for lunch.

Meet a volunteer for coffee and encourage them.

In the age of technology, a handwritten note is gold.

Recognition can lose its impact if it’s practiced or applied only one way. Rather, it should be organic based on how each person wants to be recognized.

Keep in mind that not everyone wants the same kind of recognition. Some people do not want to be recognized in front of others. Customize your recognition for what best fits the person.

Recognition must be genuine. An empty, meaningless recognition will be apparent and can have the opposite result.

Recognizing people in a team environment is very valuable. It helps you take time as a team to slow down for a moment and celebrate what they have accomplished. If we don't take time for recognition, it can cause people to feel unappreciated and dissatisfied.

Recognition can be highly motivating. When you recognize the fruit of others, it instills a sense of pride and can motivate them on to even greater accomplishments. It also brings confidence and a renewed sense of commitment.

Don't just recognize the big accomplishments. Acknowledge the small wins as well.

The recognition should be focused on a specific accomplishment.

Who will you recognize this week?


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