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The Importance of Having a Strong Vision

Do you have a vision for your children's ministry?

Vision can give your ministry direction and purpose. It is extremely important.  When you have a strong vision, it can help you make good decisions.

Vision gives you a goal to pursue.  

Vision can provide you with a framework for your ministry.

It should be something people can rally behind, believe in, and be flexible enough to adapt to change. And, of course, it must be expressed in a crystal-clear leadership vision statement.

It is true, everything rises and falls on leadership.  

Do you want to know how effective your leadership is? Look closely at the ministry you lead.  It is a reflection of your leadership.

Vision can inspire people...it can motivate people.

As you think about visionary leadership...remember this.  Vision leaks.  It's not a one and done. You have to consistently take people back to the vision.  This will help them stay focused on what is ahead and continue to be passionate about what lays ahead. 

A strong vision will help you attract people to join you in your cause. 

If you don't have a vision for your children's ministry, get one. Sit down with a group of key leaders and craft a vision.  Make it simple, short, and inspiring.

One tip I share with people is this.  Make your children's and family ministry vision a reflection of the churches overall vision.  

Here's an example.

A church's overall vision might be something like "Sharing the love and message of Jesus with the world."

You could tweak your children's ministry vision to be something like "Sharing the love and message of Jesus with kids and families."

See how it is very close to the overall vision?  This can bring alignment as you rally people to buy in to your children's ministry vision.  

A strong vision can bring teams together and be used for team building.

Keep this in mind. 


A vision must have structure.  It needs a plan that can make it become a reality.  If the vision is the motor that drives things forward, then plans, setting goals and holding people accountable to meet their part in the vision is the gasoline that empowers the vision and propels the team toward the vision. 

I want to encourage you to work through these follow up steps:

1. Identify and clarify your vision.  Make it clear and concise.

2. Bring the vision to the team.

3. Get buy-in for the vision.  

4. The vision should be compelling enough to get people excited about it.

5. Align the team behind the vision.

6. Continue to cast the vision on a regular basis.

A strong vision will help you build a strong team


Your turn.  

How do you cast vision?

How do you get buy in for the vision?

How do you keep people excited about the vision?

Share your thoughts and insight in the comment section below.


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