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The Impact of Behind the Scenes Teams

Much of children's ministry happens behind the scenes. Faithful people who love God and have a heart for reaching the next generation. They put together small group materials when no one is there to applaud them. They run copy after copy after copy of the lesson for those who will be teaching and leading groups on Sunday.

They serve not for the income (volunteers don't get paid) but for the outcome.

What they do is sometimes taken for granted. Everyone gets used to the class materials being ready and forget that someone gave of their time to put it together.

It may seem like the people teaching the lesson are the most needed. But that is simply not the case. Without the behind-the-scenes people, it would be a struggle when the weekend rolls around.

They wiped down the toys in the preschool rooms so the children would be in a safe environment. No one saw them doing this...no one except Jesus. They laid out the name tags that the greeters would pick up and wear. No one say them doing this...no one except Jesus. They took the "missed you" cards to the post office. There was no one there cheering them on. They baked brownies for the other volunteers to have on Sunday. There was one in the kitchen while they were doing this...no one except Jesus.