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The Glow

I was reading I Samuel 16 this morning and something popped out to me in verse 12.

"He was glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome features"

The context is this. Samuel, the prophet, is looking for the next king for Israel. He was "interviewing" Jesse's sons. None of them was a fit.

Samuel asks Jesse if he has any more sons and Jesse replies that his youngest son, David, is out tending the sheep. They send for him and when he arrives, Jesse immediately knows this is the king to be and he anoints him.

Here are a few thoughts from this story.

When you have a glow, it will set you apart from negative people.

Many people have a sour look on life. The sky is falling. Poor me. I am so discouraged. People get depressed just by being around them. Don't be that person. If you want to glow, then become a positive person.

Be careful about who you let get close to you.

Love everyone on your team equally. Love everyone you come in contact with. But be very selective in who you let get close to you. Make sure your "inner circle" is people who have the glow. You will become like the people you spend the most time with. Only let glowing people get close to you.

Don't be a fake. Don't just "glow" when you are around people.

David was glowing while he was working in isolation. Glowing out in a dirty, messy job where he was alone with nobody but God. Those are the times when God prepares you to glow in front of people.

The key to maintaining your glow is to spend time with God each day.

By yourself. Alone where no one else can see you. These are the times when God infuses you with His power and anointing.

The time David spend alone with God in private made his glow shine in public.

I love what it says about Moses when he came back from spending time with God in private.

"...and the people of Israel would see the radiant GLOW of his face. So he would put the veil over his face until he returned to speak with the LORD." Exodus 34

Samuel the prophet immediately knew there was something difference about David.

He had the "It" factor. The "It" factor caused him to glow. If you will glow, it will set you apart as a special servant-leader. The "It" factor can only come from God.

Total surrender to God's will and plan for your life will cause you to glow.

David said "yes" to God's plan for his life. You can't glow when you have not surrendered your will to God's plan for you.

Glowing comes from knowing you are following God's calling for your life.

Some of the most miserable people I know are people who have said "no" to God's call for their life. Yes, they are still in church. Yes, they go through the motions. But the glow is not evident. Why? You can't glow when you walk in disobedience and refuse to submit to God's will.

The glow will affect your appearance.

Samuel immediately saw the glow in David's appearance. Can people you meet see your glow? Do they see a frown or a smile? Do they see discouragement or delight? Do they see a negative attitude or a positive attitude? Do they hear disheartening words or encouraging words?

Make sure you have glowing volunteers in key roles that have personal interaction with people.

Greeters should be glowing people. Teachers should be glowing people. Worship leaders should be glowing people. Small group leaders should be glowing people. People who interact with parents in the nursery should be glowing people.

If you have someone who is serving in one of these roles who is a negative person or someone who never smiles, it is crucial that you move them to a different role or ask them to step down.

It only takes one negative person to tarnish a guest's opinion of your church.

Think about these questions and take action on them.

Am I a glowing person?

Am I surrounding myself with glowing people?

Are there any negative people in our ministry that we need to move or replace?

Do we have glowing people in our roles that interact directly with guests?

Am I totally surrendered to God's will and plan for my life?


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