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The Crucial Importance of Preschool Ministry

Last fall, HBO Max and Cartoon Network released a significant amount of new programming and content for preschoolers. Amy Friedman, head of kids and family programming at Warner Bros., had this to say about the new programming. "If you are not serving the youngest person in the household, you are missing out." Kidscreen Magazine had this to say about this new emphasis on providing content for preschoolers. 72% of programming providers say their primary audience is the 2-to-5-year-olds. This is an 8% increase over 2020.

Amy goes on to say that these key themes and formats resonate with preschoolers:

  • music as an avenue to different types of diversity

  • multi-leveled humor

  • joyful, meaningful stories and characters

  • live action

  • CG and 3D animation

The church needs to take notice of this. If secular companies are stepping up their efforts to connect with preschoolers, how much more should the church be doing this.

It's time the church realizes that ministry to preschoolers is not babysitting or childcare. Rather, it is ministry at one of the most critical times in a person's life.

I often quote this from George Barna.

In the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins.

There is a reason why secular companies are aiming for preschoolers. They know if they can get preschoolers to buy into their brand, they will have loyal customers for many years to come.

The church must remember why we are ministering to preschoolers. It is to help them discover that Jesus loves them and wants to be their forever friend. There is no greater cause to give our time, treasure and talent to.

Preschool volunteers - remember why you are doing this and be encouraged. You are a difference maker. Many of the preschoolers you are ministering to will grow up and become leaders of the church in the future.

Will you go all out to see this happen?


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