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The Countdown to Easter

It seems like Christmas services were just yesterday. But on we march forward. Easter is just around the corner and it's time to start preparing.

Easter is such a great opportunity to reach kids and parents with the Gospel.

Attendance goes up as the nominal attendees are all present. What do you have planned for Easter? How will you communicate the Gospel this Easter? I've got you covered with a dynamic lesson called "C.S.I. -

Christ Scene Investigation."

Kids are invited to join the C.S.I. Team to investigate if Jesus rose from the dead. They’ll examine three scenes to look for clues, collect evidence and talk with eyewitnesses. The evidence will lead them to make a decision about whether Jesus’ resurrection is true and if they want to enter a relationship with Him.

This lesson is also a great way to teach kids apologetics for the resurrection. It takes kids on a deeper dive to help them know why we can know Jesus rose from the dead.

Includes a ready-to-print evidence recorder book that kids use during the investigation.

Delivered Electronically - Instant Download


  • investigative I.D. badge for each child (ready to print)

  • evidence recorder book for each child (ready to print)

  • graphics for posters, promoting, etc.

  • slide graphics for Power Point, Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Key Note

  • interactive lesson videos

  • lesson plan that can be used in large group format, small group format, traditional classroom format or mid-week format

  • lesson connects with all learning styles

  • lesson incorporates hands on, experiential learning

  • games that bring together fun and learning

See lesson video samples below (click arrows to watch full screen).

If you are reading this in an email and can't see the videos, you can access them directly at the links below.

You get all of this - lesson plans, videos, booklets, etc. for only $29.00. Join the hundreds of other churches who are using this resource for Easter. Here is the link to order.


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