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The Coming Fallout From Infrequent Church Attendance

There is a generational religious fallout coming. We have been on a slide for several generations and it shows no signs of turning around.

Here are the church attendance percentages across the generations.

Silent Generation - 58% attend(ed)

Boomers - 57%

Gen X - 52%

Millennials - 45%

Generation Z - 40%

Gen Alpha - TBD

You can see the slide. What is causing this? Why is each generation less committed to attending church than the previous generation?

One thing is obvious - each generation is less committed to attending church on a regular basis. If the pattern continues, Gen Alpha will attend church less than any previous generation.

Gen Alpha kids will not make church a priority. The biggest cause of this comes from their Millennial parents. Millennial parents aren't making a commitment to attend church. Their children, the Alphas, will follow in their footsteps and make church even less of a priority.

Gen Alpha is growing up with a "post-Christian" and "post church" culture that is influencing them to have this mindset. The shift from the secular being more important than the sacred is becoming very evident.