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Take a Leap of Faith

My nephew, who is 3 years old, is fearless. At the pool, he jumps in without any hesitation (always under his parent's supervision).

A few weeks ago, his dad took him to a trampoline park. Once again, there was no coaxing him to try it. On his own, he walked right up and jumped (see attached video).

It reminded me that there are times in life, where God says, "Jump...and trust me to catch you."

It can be intense to jump into a new area of service, a new ministry, a new job or a new reality in your life.

Our relationship with God begins when we trust Him as our Savior. We jump into His arms and trust Him and Him alone for our salvation. It's called faith.

My question for you and I today is this.

Am I willing to jump when I know God is leading me to jump? Am I willing to lay aside my plans for His will? Am I willing to jump even when my knees are knocking with fear?

Several years ago, I went with my son, Caleb, to a parent / child camp in Northern California. During the day we did activities like rope courses, swimming, climbing rock walls and other fun activities.

One of the more intense activities we participated in was climbing up a telephone pole to the very top. We were strapped in with a safety rope in case the primary rope failed.

But it was still scary. And it was very challenging when you made it to the top of the pole and had to then stand up on the top. You had to stand in a 15 inch circle Once you stood up, there was a rope/bar that you had to jump out and catch. It was a leap of faith.

There was another father in our group that climbed up to try it. He made it up the pole and managed to stand up on the top. But when he looked over at the rope / bar that he had to jump out and catch to get down, he freaked out. He wouldn't jump.

The rest of the group decided to help him. We said, we will count down from 3 and then you jump! You'll be fine. The rope/bar will catch you once you jump out and grab hold of it.

And so we started counting down. 3...2...1. No jump. Still afraid to make the leap of faith. 2nd try. 3...2...1...no jump. 3rd try. 3...2...1...3rd try. 3...2...1...he finally jumped and made it.

I often find myself often standing on top of the telephone pole. God has asked me to do something and is saying "trust me. I got you. Jump out in faith and have confidence that I won't let you fall."

And yet, I hesitate. My lack of faith is evident. Can you identify?

Thankfully, there are other times when I muster up enough faith to take the leap He is asking me to take. When this happens, it is very evident that He is with me. Coaching me and encouraging me through every step.

What is the leap of faith He is asking you to take? What is causing you to hesitate? You can do this because God has you. He will never ask you to do something that He won't give you the strength to accomplish it. And even in the delays or questions about why you should do this, He is there, reassuring you that He has you.

Where He guides...He provides.

Where He leads...He meets the needs.

Take that leap of faith. Yes, it can be scary. But remember who is holding you.

When my kids were little, I would sometimes sit them on top of the refrigerator. Then I would hold out my arms and encourage them to jump down into my arms. Sometimes they would hesitate, but after reassuring them that I was there and I would catch them, they would jump into my arms.

Sitting on top of the refrigerator? Looking down and wandering if God will have your back and catch you when you need it? Let me reassure you. He has you. With Him by your side, no mountain is too high...no valley is too low.

Take a leap of faith today. Ignore what fear is telling you. Ignore what insecurity is telling you. You can do this...God has you.


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