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Sad & Mad - You Won't Believe What This Teacher Did

There continues to be a wave of same sex propaganda coming at the next generation.

Propaganda that calls evil good and good evil.

Below is a recent video that is an example of this.

As I watched this it made me sad. Sad that our country has declined to the place where we are now.

And mad that the enemy is so aggressively going after the next generation.

We must step up our efforts to equip parents to know how to guide their children through the lies of the enemy.

I quote this often.

"In the race to a child's heart the first one there wins." George Barna

This is so true. And it reminds me that nursery and preschool volunteers are on the front lines of this conflict. The first few years are critical if you want to see children love and follow Jesus and His teachings and base their world view on what God's Word says.

Below is the video. Watch it be prepared to be sad and mad at what the enemy is doing. May we recommit ourselves to equipping parents with the tools they need to help their children navigate the perilous times they are growing up in.


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