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Rhyme Time

Do you like rhymes? If you do, then you are going to love this article. 

Are you aware that rhymes can be a big part of seeing kids learn Biblical truth?

Here's why.  When something rhymes, a child is more prone to memorize it.  

Let's start in the early years of a child's life. Rhymes are patterns, so they help children learn easy recall and memorization.

Rhyming prompts children to repeat sounds and patterns, reinforcing their grasp of word sounds.

Rhyming also makes memorizing things fun.  As the words and phrases mesh together, it creates patterns that motivate kids to learn. 


Rhyming also helps move truth into kids' long-term memory.  Our goal should be to help kids remember the truths that we teach them for a lifetime.  Rhyming the truths plays a big part in this. 

Research has found that children who are familiar with nursery rhymes when they enter kindergarten often have an easier time learning to read. This is because rhyming helps them discover many common word patterns (such as those in quick/stick or down/crown). The more familiar these patterns become in oral language, the more easily children will recognize them when they begin to encounter them in print.


I believe it is extremely helpful when you use this strategy to teach kids Biblical truth. 


In my Connect 12 elementary curriculum, I have made all the key truths into rhymes. The results have been phenomenal.  The kids who have gone through the curriculum can say all 12 of the key truths. A year later, they can still say the key truths from memory.  Here are a few examples.

The Bible is clear to say...Jesus is the only way.

Jesus is my best friend...on Him I can depend.

This is my story...worshiping God and declaring His glory. 

The Bible is true...I can truth it through and through.

Churches across the country are using this strategy to teach kids Biblical, foundational truth. 

When it comes to helping kids memorize Biblical truths. I don't know another curriculum that is as intentional as this.

Today's kids have so many messages coming their way.  How are you going to get the truth to stand out and be brought into their long-term memory?  I believe rhymes are a great, proven strategy for this.


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