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Religious "Nones" Are Rising...What Will the Next Generation Do?

If you are not familiar with the "Nones," they are a group people who do not believe in God.

The Nones are steadily rising and becoming a force to be reckoned with.  

According to recent data from Pew Research, 28% of U.S. adults say they are religiously unaffiliated. This includes atheists, agnostics or "nothing in particular."

In the latest data, 17% of “nones” identify as atheist, 20% say they are agnostic and 63% choose “nothing in particular.”

Dive deeper into their beliefs and you will discover this:

  • 60% cite disbelief or skepticism as the reason why they don't believe.

  • 60% question Bible teachings. 

  • 32% don't believe in God.        

  • 30% have had a bad experience with religious people.

  • 47% don't like churches.

  • 41% don't see a need for religion in their life.

  • 43% say religion does more harm than good.

  • 90% of nones say they seldom or never go to religious services.

Some nones consider themselves "spiritual" instead of "religious."  About half say spirituality is important to them. But their "spirituality" is way off base as they believe animals have spirits as well as parts of nature such as mountains, rivers or trees.


We see this portrayed in many Disney movies aimed at kids such as Pocahontas, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Haunted Mansion, Scrooge, and many more.  I am not saying you shouldn't watch these movies. Just be aware that it they subtlety teach spirituality outside of organized religion. 

The vast majority of "nones" say it is possible to be moral and have good values without believing in God.

The saddest part of this is found in another survey done among nones. It revealed something shocking. Here it is.

78% of nones grew up in church.

The majority of nones sat in our classes, participated in our VBS programs, went through our programs and learned the Bible verses we placed in front of them.  

But when they got older...they walked away from the faith we had tried to instill in them.

When questioned, the nones provided the three big reasons why they walked away.  

1. They became disillusioned with the church.

2. They stopped believing.

3. They got too busy.  

So what will the next generation do? 


Will they buy into the philosophy of the nones?  

Will they walk away from the faith? 

Will they be grounded enough to know why they believe what they say they believe?

Will they become owners of the faith and not just renters?

Will they see the necessity of staying tied to a local church?

If we can prepare them to stand for God's truth, we have a big opportunity to see them follow Jesus for a lifetime.

Here are some resources that can help you with this.

Fertile Soil...see kids follow Jesus for a lifetime. This book divers deeper into why kids walk away from the faith and shares what we can do to prevent that from happening.  You can get the book here.

Mythbusting.  An apologetics series about Biblical truth.  It is available at this link.

Pranksters.  Another apologetic series about the Bible. It is available at this link.

What will the next generation do? 


Will they be swept up into a culture designed by the nones?


Will they stay true to the principles they have learned from us?

God can use you and I to reach and disciple the next generation. 

Will you accept the challenge?


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