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Podcasts for Kids

Kids are listening to podcasts. And the church should be getting on board with this.

Among kids surveyed, 69% are most into "stories." This should come as no surprise. We know that kids (and adults) love stories.

Need more proof? The next time you or someone you are observing is teaching, watch what happens when the person speaking starts telling a story. The kids get still and quiet and you have their attention. And when the story is finished, they zone out again.

In fact, Jesus, the master storyteller, always used stories when He taught.

"Jesus ALWAYS used STORIES and ILLUSTRATIONS like these when speaking to the crowds. In fact, He never spoke to them without using such PARABLES." Matthew 13:34

Podcasts are a great way to connect with kids (with parent's permission) and teach them the great, true stories found in God's Word.

It is also a great tool to share the Gospel with kids and parents. Jesus has commissioned us to go and make disciples of all nations.

Kids also indicated they enjoy learning about science through podcasts.

What a great opportunity to teach kids how science and the Bible align (in-spite of some secular scientists who say that it doesn't). This is a great avenue to teach apologetics through science podcasts.

Who is listening to children's podcasts?

  • 38% are kids ages seven-to-eight.

  • 35% are five-to-six-year olds.

  • 31% are nine-to-ten year olds.

Why are they listening?

49% say they are listening for the fun and entertainment value.

33% are tuning in for educational purposes.

25% say it's something to do while riding in the car. 5% say it's "calming" and "good for the whole family.

Podcasts are also a great way to bring families together. 63% of parents say they engage when their kids are actively listening. 59% listen along when the family is on a drive and 38% listen while they are doing household chores together.

Do you know a ministry that is effectily doing podcasts for kids and families? If so, who is it? How can we contact them?

Will you pray with me that God will move on the hearts of many children's ministry leaders to start a podcast for kids and families?

What are some ideas or insight you have for content for podcasts?

Share your thoughts, ideas and insight in the comment section below.


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