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Parenting Gen Alpha

A few days ago, I released an article about Gen Alpha. They are kids born between 2010 and 2025. They are the children of the Millennials and Gen Xers.

As with any generation, they have unique characteristics and traits.

And as with any generation, their parents are the biggest influence in their life. As you speak into the lives of the young parents of Gen Alpha, there are several challenges we need to help them walk through. Parenting is different for each generation.

Gen Alpha will live in a very diverse society. This will make them more accepting and inclusive. They will be more open-minded to those who are different than them. Parents must teach their children to love everyone equally while at the same time balancing this with standing for the truth found in God's Word. Parents must teach their children that there is a difference between approval and acceptance.

Parents will not have an empty nest as early as before. The role of parents will span a longer age range - with many of the Gen Alphas likely to be still living at home into their late 20’s.

Gen Alpha kids are being raised in a culture that is immersed in technology and parents will have to guide their children through it. Social media. Smartphones. On demand programming. Information overload. These are a few of the things that influence Gen Alpha kids

in a major way. Even before Gen Alpha can talk, they are interacting with smartphones and tablets. Their pacifiers have not been a rattle, but a smartphone or tablet device. Technology and digital skills are a central part of the Generation Alpha learning experience.

Parents must also monitor screen time (which can lead to screen addiction if not monitored), cyber-bullying and helping find clean, appropriate content to watch and interact with.

Gen Alpha also has the unique status of being born into technology rather than being introduced to it. But they still need help from their parents to safely navigate the many dangers that are waiting for them on the www.

Millennial and Gen X parents have access to a seemingly unlimited amount of advice about parenting their children. They can find advice on any parenting question with just a click of a Google search. The next step after that is to have the discernment for which options are viable for their family.

Millennial and Gen X parents want the advice of grandparents. The role of grandparents in helping parent Gen Alpha kids has increased significantly.

While parenting approaches may have changed over the decades, one thing remains the same for all parents, even for those raising Gen Alpha kids: to raise them to be adults who love and follow Jesus for a lifetime.


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