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Ministry Calendar Planning Made Easy

If you haven't done so yet, it's time to set up your ministry calendar for the year.


I believe it takes strategic planning and thinking to come up with a calendar that will maximize your ministry and help you accomplish your goals. 

I'm sure by now you have your big events, programs, etc. on paper. 

Here are some tips to help you plan out your ministry calendar.

See the big picture.

It's easy to get tunnel vision when planning out your ministry calendar.  

It's important to see the overall flow and strategy of all of the ministries when planning.

Plan with other ministries in mind.  

Don't fly solo when planning out your ministry calendar. Collaborate with other ministries.  

An example would be trying to have a parenting seminar the same day adult ministry has a women's event. Both events would end up working against the other one. 

When you collaborate with the other ministries in the church, it eliminates scheduling conflicts down he road.

Plan with the ebb and flow of family life.

Be wise. Work with families and try to schedule around the ebbs and flows of their schedules. 

Some examples:

Don't plan an event to happen right in the middle of spring break.  

Don't plan your VBS family event on the opening day of kids' baseball. 

Plan your back-to-school weekend a week after school starts back, so you can give kids invite cards to pass out to their school friends, new students, etc.

Get your big items on the calendar first.

VBS. Camp. Volunteer training events.  Volunteer appreciation cookout.  Fall Festival.

Next put your support dates in.

Work days for events.  Set up time and tear down time for VBS.  Advertising and outreach for a big event.

Bring in your re-occurring programs.  

How many times are you going to do parent and child dedication this year?


How many times this year will you be doing baptism classes? 


How many times this year will you be doing a parenting event or class?

Plan ahead as much as possible.

Moving forward, I would encourage you to plan out next year's calendar 6 months before it starts.  Get your calendar done by July 24, 2024 for 2025.


Be flexible as needed.

There will be things that pop up that are out of your control. Hopefully, this will not happen often. But when it does, be flexible and be willing to adjust your ministry calendar as needed.

Good calendar planning will set your ministry up for success.


Your turn.  What apps, insights, processes, and strategies do you currently use in your ministry?  Share them in the comment section below.


Whitney Ghabrial
Whitney Ghabrial
Jan 24

We always set aside a full day for all the ministries to calendar plan together. We have a giant year calendar and we each get colored post-its for our ministry dates. We discuss priorities and what things are non-negotiable. Then we put everything on the calendar and adjust accordingly so things don't conflict with each other. It has been extremely helpful.

Jan 25
Replying to

That's awesome Whitney. Thanks for sharing.

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