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Learning From Other Ministries

If you want to improve your ministry, then be committed to learning from other ministries.

If you are intentional about it, there is something you can learn from other ministries. No matter what the size of the ministry, there is something that you can pick up.

Some of my best ministry ideas are ones that I got from other ministries.

Here's an example. I was at a church in Canada a few years back. I was asking them how they followed up with guests. The children's pastor told me they have their guest services team write out personal notes to the guests they have checked in that day. They make the note personal and welcoming. It's a brilliant idea and so I implemented it in our ministry. It helped us make a big impact with new families.

Every time you are visiting another ministry, ask to see their children's ministry environments. If you look closely enough, you will be able to pick up some ideas for your ministry.

Here's some things to remember when it comes to learning from other ministries.