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Leading Alone

Do you sometimes feel like you are all alone in children's ministry?

Perhaps you are the only person on the children's ministry staff team.

Perhaps you don't have any close friends that serve with you? It seems while you are serving in children's ministry, all of your friends are sitting in adult classes.

Perhaps you don't click with any of the other volunteers on the team. Yes, there are other people serving with you, but you can't seem to make a connection with them.

Perhaps you don't get the support you need. You feel like you are left out of the communication loop.

Perhaps you have asked other people to serve with you...only to hear the word "no."

Perhaps you find yourself sitting alone in the sound booth.

Perhaps you find yourself standing alone as a greeter.

Of course, you should never be alone with the children in a classroom. Don't open the door to receive kids until you have a minimum of two volunteers in the room. But even with other volunteers in the room, you may feel like you are not connecting well with them.

At volunteer trainings and meetings, you feel lost and alone even when you are sitting at a table with other people.

If you are leading alone, don't let it get to you. I know leading alone can be disheartening. I know leading alone can be frustrating. I know leading alone can be challenging. At times, you feel like a team of one.

Remember this...no matter how good you are at your ministry role, you can't be good at everything. You need people around you that can help you move the ministry forward.

Tired of leading alone? Here are some steps you can take to overcome the reality of "leading alone."

Bring 2-3 people close to you. Great leaders usually have 2-3 people who they bring close to their side. Jesus modeled this by bringing Peter, James and John close to His side. Remember this...

Love everyone equally. But be selective in who you bring close to you.

You are not wired to lead solo. Take a step of faith and ask God to bring 2-3 key people that can be by your side.

Ask for help. Feel overwhelmed? Feel like you can't adequately care for the other people on the team? Maybe it's time to ask for some more help. Know your limitations and when you need to ask for more help.

How many staff members should you have? I created a chart that can help you with this. If you'd like a copy, feel free to email me at dale@buildingchildrensministry.com and I will email it to you.

Have people outside your ministry that can help you. It might be a children's pastor friend who is serving in another state who you can run questions and decisions by. It might be an older, wiser member of your church. It might be a Facebook group you are part of.

Leading alone will hinder your development as a leader. Yes, alone time is crucial for a leader. Alone time with God. Alone time with God's Word. Alone time worshiping.

But you also need other people around you who can speak into your life, help you make decisions and help you grow.

Leading alone. It may be necessary at times. But remember...you can go farther together.

If you find yourself leading alone right now...ask God to send the right people to support you and encourage you on your leadership journey.


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