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Kids' Media...The Most Popular Producers and Outlets

If you serve in children's ministry, it's important to stay up to speed about kids' culture.

You are a missionary to kids.  That means you should learn as much as you can about their likes and leanings.

One important aspect of this is to keep up with what media, shows, movies, etc. they are patronizing.  

You have to be intentional about staying connected to their world.

When you do this, it will demonstrate to the kids that you care enough to dive into their world and know what they like and don't like.

With that in mind, here are the current most popular producers for kids' shows. The list comes from one of my favorite kid-focused companies...Kidscreen.

If you are not familiar with some of these, take a few minutes and look them up to see what they are doing and producing. What are they doing to connect so well with today's kids?

What can you learn from them?



2. BBC Children’s

3. Apple TV+

4. Netflix

5. Sky Kids

6. ABC Australia

7. Disney+

8. TVOKids

9. CBC Kids

10. WildBrain


1. Aardman Animations

2. Ludo Studio

3. Atomic Cartoons

4. 9 Story Media Group/Brown Bag Films

5. Fred Rogers Productions

6. Sinking Ship Entertainment

7. Titmouse

8. Cheeky Little Media

9. Mattel TV

10. BBC Studios Kids & Family


1. 9 Story Distribution International


3. Jetpack Distribution

4. Sinking Ship Entertainment

5. WildBrain

6. Sesame Workshop

7. Aardman Animations

8. Banijay Kids & Family

9. Guru Studio

10. Australian Children’s Television Foundation


1. Mattel

2. 9 Story Brands

3. Aardman Animations

4. WildBrain

5. Spin Master

6. BBC Studios Kids & Family

7. Sesame Workshop

8. Jazwares

9. Sinking Ship Entertainment

10. Paramount Consumer Products



2. Moonbug Entertainment

3. Aardman Animations

4. WildBrain

5. Sesame Workshop

6. 9 Story Media Group

7. Mattel

8. Headspace

9. The LEGO Group

10. Dubit

This past weekend, I was serving in the elementary ministry at my home church.  We had a first-time guest walk into the room.  I could tell he was nervous about being in a new place.  He went over to the corner and sat nervously looking around.

I walked over and started talking to him and welcoming him.  He didn't respond much at first.  But then I started talking with him about his video game system and what games he liked.  His face lit up and he started talking with me. 


Be familiar with the above list. Entering a child's world can open a kid's heart to what you have to say when you are teaching.

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