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Kids Just Need to Play

Due to the pandemic, kids are growing up with a significant reduction in play time.

Some playgrounds have been closed. Kids are told to stay 6 feet apart.

They are told to wear masks when they are in a group setting.

Kids are not wired to sit still and be quiet. Play is a key part of their lives growing up.

Psychiatrist Stuart Brown has shown that when children are deprived of play, the consequences can be catastrophic. He says that play deprivation, especially during their first 10 of years of life, can lead to depression, diminished impulse control, poor management of aggression and shallowness in their interpersonal relationships.

Kids just need to play. Even if it's with a small group of kids or even one other child, it makes a difference. As we look forward, we must find ways to make play a key part of kids' lives.

And that includes when they are at church.

Rather than having kids sit still at church and listen to a talking head, we must give them opportunities to play with a purpose.

Here are some more helpful articles that will help you find ways to make play a part of kids' experience at your church.


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