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Kids and Expensive Shoes

Name-brand shoes for kids can cost a pretty penny. A pair of Air Jordans for a child can run anywhere from $125 to hundreds of dollars. So what's up with kids and expensive, expensive shoes? There are several reasons why kids beg their parents to buy them high-dollar shoes. These reasons give us a peek into what matters to children and some of the pressures they face.

Kids want to fit in. Wearing expensive shoes is a status symbol. There is a lot of peer pressure on kids to wear "cool" shoes. If you happen to be one of the kids who wears non-brand or cheaper shoes, then you will face ridicule, embarrassment and exclusion. Plain and simple...it's a status symbol to wear expensive shoes. It's what everyone else has and peer pressure is the only thing that makes it a "necessity."

Kids have an inner need to feel accepted and affirmed. Every child wants to feel important. Every child wants to be noticed. Every child wants to be accepted by their peers. Every child wants to be part of the "cool kid clique." To the child, their shoes make a big statement about who they are and how valuable they are.

We need to help kids understand that their worth and value is not based on what shoes they are wearing. Rather, it is about what God thinks about them. They are precious in His sight. They are priceless. More valuable than anything else in the world - no matter what brand of shoes they are wearing.

Parents want to give the best to their children. Parents want their children to "fit in." Parents want their children to be considered "cool" in the eyes of the other children. Parents want to see their kids walk in confidence. There can also be pressure on parents to keep up with the "Joneses."

We must help parents see that their children's character formation matters more than making sure they have the latest in cool attire.

In many situations, parents really can't afford expensive shoes for their children. But you will often see parents cut corners in other areas to free up money for the best shoes. Or they use credit cards to purchase the shoes, which puts them in more debt and causes them to not have money for the essentials.

If a child wants an expensive pair of shoes, parents can encourage them to work for it. Parents can also consider paying half of the money and have their child work for the other half. Money from chores. Money earned from doing work for other people. Money from saving up their allowance.

If a child earns some of the money or all the money for the shoes, the child will, more than likely, take better care of the shoes. Your child will value the shoes more than just another gift.

Let's be honest. Adults face the same pressure at times. We want the name-brand shoes or clothing as well. We are aware of what is nice and what is generic. Often, adults will go into debt to make sure they are wearing the latest and greatest brands and styles. We should set the example for our children and not go into debt just because we have to keep up with our neighbors, family or co-workers.

For clarity, I am not saying parents and their children shouldn't wear name brand clothing and shoes. There is nothing wrong with wearing nice attire. Unless it causes you to go into debt and puts a strain on your budget. Teach kids that what's on the inside is more important than what is on the outside. We must help kids see that the eternal is more important than the temporary. We must help them see what matters most.

Kids and expensive shoes. Parents and expensive shoes. What are your thoughts about this? Share with us in the comment section below.


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