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Join Me For the Pastors' Kids...Staff Kids Webinar This Thursday

I am excited about the upcoming "Pastors' Kids...Staff Kids" webinar. The live webinar will be held this Thursday, July 28 at 1 pm central time.

We will be talking about...

How to parent pastors' kids...staff kids.

How to minister to pastors' kids...staff kids.

How to see pastors' kids...staff kids love and follow Jesus for a lifetime.

Pastors' kids and staff kids face unique challenges as they are growing up. I can verify this...I am a pastor's kid.

Unfortunately, we see many PK's and SK's who grow up and walk away from the church and in some cases even the faith. The latest stats say that...

33% of pastors' kids are no longer in church.

7% of pastors' kids no longer consider themselves Christian.

We will hear testimonies from PKs and SKs about their experience growing up in a PK or SK home.

We will share some key factors for seeing PKs' and SKs' faith grow and flourish for a lifetime.

Included with your registration is a copy of my newest book "Fertile Soil...see kids' faith grow and flourish for a lifetime." ($17 value)

This book shares the biggest reasons why kids walk away from the faith and how to see that changed. You will discover the key factors that it takes to see kids follow Jesus for a lifetime.

Join us this Thursday, July 28 at 1:00 p.m. central time. You can register for the webinar at this link. Registration closes Thursday morning at 10:00 am, so sign up today to reserve your spot.

p.s. Can't make it Thursday? The webinar will be recorded and made available on demand for those who register.

See you there.


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