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It Doesn't Matter...They're Just Kids

When it comes to children's ministry, there are some things that really get me riled up.

One is calling children's ministry "babysitting" or "childcare." I believe it's the exact opposite of that. I believe it is ministry at the most critical time in a person's life. So much is absorbed and learned during the early years of a person's life.

The other pet peeve I have is when someone says "Oh...it doesn't matter...they are just kids." As if kids don't deserve our very best effort. Usually this is said when someone is taking shortcuts or not giving their best effort just because they think it won't matter to the kids.

I don't believe that at all. I believe that kids do matter and our ministry to them matters...big time. I believe we should give our very best to this endeavor.

Yes...kids do notice.

Yes...how we communicate with children matters.

Yes...how prepared we are matters.

Yes...children's ministry should be a top priority at your church.

Yes...the greatest stories of the Bible deserve the greatest presentations.

Yes...we must reach kids...up to 85% of people come to Christ before they are adults.

Yes...kids are worth giving our very best to.


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