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Is Your Children's Ministry Attendance Declining? What To Do About It.

I am in dozens of churches each year. One thing has stood out to me for the past two years or so.

Many children's ministries' are in decline. This is primarily due to the effects of Covid19. But even before Covid, many ministries were already in decline.

A recent survey by the Hartford Institute found that 15,278 churches across the U.S. confirm this. The number of people attending church is shrinking.

The survey also brought this to light. Half of the countries' estimated 350,000 churches have 65 or fewer people in attendance. This is compared to 2000, when the average church had an attendance level of 137 people. That's a drop of more than half in attendance.

In contrast, non-Christian congregations such as Muslim, Baha'i and Jewish have grown in the last 5 years.