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Is Religion Going Out the Door?

If you've read my last few articles, you will see that I am immersing myself in all things Gen Alpha.

Gen Alpha is the latest generation and includes children born between 2010 - 2025.

As with most generations, Gen Alpha has unique characteristics and world views.

One of the most disturbing findings is Gen Alpha's digression of faith. Studies show that for Gen Alpha religion is a big no-no and is going out the door.

We don't have a complete picture yet of what religious faith will look like for Gen Alpha. But what we do know indicates that they want nothing to do with "religion."

Their predecessor, Gen Z, has already walked out the door in many cases. We see this revealed in this finding - 13% of Gen Z are atheists. That's double the number of adult atheists. We've been on this slide out of religion for several generations. And with each new generation, the % of unbelievers grows in number.

Gen Alpha consists of the children of the Millennials. This is another reason the slide is quickening. Their parents, the Millennials, are leaving "religion" and not coming back. 4 out of 10 Millennials now say they are "nones." Nones refers to people who have no religious affiliation. As Gen Alpha watches their "none" parents walk away from church, they are following suite.

Another reason Gen Alpha is walking out the door is because they have wrong priorities (learned from their parents). Sunday, which used to be a sacred day that was set apart to worship God, is now a day filled with sports, entertainment and other festivities. For them, there is simply no room or time for religion.

The truth is we are in a battle to capture the hearts and minds of Gen Alpha. While their hearts are young and tender, we must reach them with the Gospel. If we don't, they will continue to walk out the door at a rapid pace.

God's plan is for local churches to reach children and parents with the Gospel. This also includes organizations like Child Evangelism Fellowship, Compassion International, One Hope, Awana and more. We are to go to the children of the world and share God's plan of salvation.

Will there continue to be a mass exit from the church? The truth is unless we turn things around - yes.

But here's the good news. As we share the Gospel with God's anointing on our lives, we can see Gen Alpha reached for Christ and going on to serve Him for life.

Will you join us on this venture? Will you faithfully proclaim the Gospel? Will you pray that God will draw the next generation to Himself? Will you disciple those you reach so they in turn can reach others?

Pause for a moment and ponder the quote from the famous Christian leader D.L. Moody. He reached over a million people for Christ. But at the end of his life he made this remarkable statement.

If I had my life to live over, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children with the Gospel.

May we make following Jesus so appealing that kids will lose the desire to walk out the door. May they find walking with Jesus so joyous that they forget about walking away. Let's close the door before we lose Gen Alpha.


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