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How to Maximize Your Children's Ministry Calendar

A new year of children's ministry has begun. Hopefully, you have your calendar for 2023 planned out.

Successful children's ministries are very strategic and purposeful when they plan their calendar.

Let's look at some ways you can maximize your ministry calendar this year.

Plan out your calendar at least one year in advance. I actually planned out my children's ministry calendar a year and a half in advance.

Here's a tip: Get a large desk calendar. Bring the key leaders of your team together. Go through and put down your events and programs on the calendar. Once you have that done, transfer it to an electronic calendar.

Sync up with other ministries. Ideally, you will plan out your calendar with the other ministries in your church. This will help you avoid any calendar conflicts. An example would be this - you don't want to have a mother & daughter event on the same night the church is having a Bible study for mothers. Collaborate and work with the other ministries so families don't have to choose between programs and events. A well planned "master calendar" will help ministries align and have maximum impact.