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How to Get Your Teaching Into Kids' Long-term Memory

As children's ministry leaders, our goal should be to get the truth of God's Word into children's long-term memory.

Are you only placing God's Word into children's short-term memory? A week later they have forgotten the truth and cannot recall what they "learned."

I have seen this play out as children try to learn multiple Bible verses in one week. They succeed in repeating it once with someone helping them, but can't recall the verse a week later.

Life change happens when children get God's Word in their long-term memory. Children can apply God's Word and truth to their life when they are able to recall it.

I believe that spiritual fruit only happens when we see God's Word embedded in children's long-term memory.

Last week, I tested the children to see if the key truths we have taught them have been successfully placed in their long-term memory. I was excited to see them recall and be able to say key truths they had learned months ago. And guess what...a year from now they will still be able to say all of the key truths we have taught them.

Want to know how this happened? Let's look at how to get your teaching into children's long-term memory.