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How to Become a Better Team Player

As you enter children's ministry, you will soon find out that it takes a team to make it happen.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

As you lead in children's ministry, you must be a team player if you want to see lasting impact.

39% of employees say the people in their organization are not team players.

Remember this...it's not about what you can do....it's about what you can empower others to do.

Let's be honest, if you are a strong leader, it can be a challenge at times to be a team player. You are ready to move forward, make things happen and bring sweeping change. You feel like you don't have time to wait on other people to get on board.

But this is not the formula for success. It takes a team player, not a solo leader, to bring about lasting change.

The smartest person in the room is the room.

Do you want to be a better team player? Here are some steps you can take.

Compete against yourself instead of others. Leaders who struggle with being a team player are normally very competitive. They want to be in the spotlight. They want to be the best.

Do the opposite. Work on putting others in the spotlight.

Good leaders are powerful. Great leaders are empowering.

Good leaders are stars. Great leaders create stars.

Understand that your input and ideas will most useful if it's mixed with the contributions of others.

Be intentional about not being a silo. When you are a silo, your influence is limited. You can only accomplish so much by yourself. But when you combine your work with the work of others, things will go to a whole new level. Don't walk alone. Always have others with you.

Focus on relationships more than results. How is your relationship with those you serve with? Is it guarded?

People don't follow a title...they follow someone they love and respect.

Are you intentional about building relationships with the people you serve with?

Out of great relationships comes great results.

Strengthen your trust for others. Don't be a control freak. Let other people's opinions matter. Let other people run with assignments without you watching their every more. Don't feel like you always have to have the last say in matters.

Build your collaborative skills. If you want to be a better team player, then focus on building your collaborative skills. Here are some areas to work on:


Managing conflict

Group problem solving


Caring for others

Being trustworthy

Be open to other people's suggestions for change and new ideas. Be comfortable enough for others to challenge your ideas and personal suggestions. Don't take it personal when others question the validity of what you are suggesting.

Honor and value your team members. Everyone has gifts, talents and ideas that they can bring to the team. When they know you care about their opinions and ideas, they will share them.

Ask for help. When you solicit the help of others, it builds their trust in you. When your team members realize you want their help, they will engage with you.

Effective collaboration is achievable if you will follow these steps. This will result in your leadership going to a new level and will bond your team together as they pursue greatness and productivity together.

Ready to get to the next level and become a great team player? Join me for a 6-month coaching program that will help you grow exponentially. Click on the picture below for more information.


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